Following the Texas Education Agency’s conclusion of a cursory inquiry into the activities of the Gülen-affiliated Harmony Public Schools, State Rep. Dan Flynn is seeking to turn the full investigation over to other agencies, the Houston Chronicle reports. Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam and Partners LLP described the dismissal of the investigation into numerous counts of impropriety as “politically convenient,” given the Gülen Movement’s extensive campaign contributions for Texas state politicians.

“That sounds to me like they are taking a political pass instead of the (sic) doing the right thing,” Flynn said in a newsletter Thursday. “I will not let that stand and am in the process of ensuring they collect all notes and investigative files and turn them over to the Attorney General and Texas Rangers for a real, transparent review as demanded by Texas taxpayers.”

Flynn asked the attorney general in July to investigate Harmony, a Houston-based charter school network serving 32,000 K-12 students on 48 Texas campuses. Neither the attorney general’s office nor the Texas Rangers have said they will investigate the charter school.

The Turkish government filed a complaint against the charter network in May, alleging Harmony favors Turkish contractors and wastes taxpayer funds, among other charges.

Agents for the Turkish government argue the school’s leaders have ties to Fethullah Gülen, an expatriate Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania accused of masterminding a coup in Turkey this summer.

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