NewsOK reports that Dove Public Charter Schools in Oklahoma can no longer afford to provide meals for their students as a result of state budget cuts. Nearby schools have pitched in to ensure that the pupils do not go hungry, cooking extra meals for Dove Schools’ students in their own kitchens. The charter school network’s financial difficulties, however, should come as no surprise: a state audit recently found that the Gülen Movement has embezzled over $3 million from its Dove Schools to date, leaving no room for frivolous expenditures like students’ nutrition.

The audit revealed that the Sky Foundation, which manages Dove Public Charter Schools and is also run by the Hizmet, has collected about $3.2 million more in lease payments for its schools’ sites than it paid to purchase the properties.

School foundations normally are created to provide private financial assistance to schools, but the Sky Foundation didn’t operate that way, auditors said.

“We did not find any evidence of Sky soliciting funds on behalf of the schools or donating funds to the schools,” auditors said. “It appears the schools were supporting Sky instead of Sky supporting the schools.”

This follows a pattern of embezzlement of taxpayer dollars that is omnipresent in Gülen’s network of charter schools. Receiving public funds, these schools award inflated contracts to third-party firms operated by the Gülen movement, often without any sort of bidding process. The funds are then diverted back into Hizmet in what has been revealed to be a nationwide money laundering scheme.